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The Wii U is Nintendo’s newest gaming console, available as of November 2012. Now, you can get in on the action thanks to Wiiu.blogspot.com. We provide a monumental amount of game news, previews, reviews, videos and much more. Unlike other websites, we are strictly dedicated only to the development of the Wii U console. In turn, this means we deliver the goods at its fullest quality without spreading our attention across multiple gaming systems. As Nintendo’s console continues to mature and expand, you can expect the following coverage:

News: Learn about the newest technologies being implemented into the Wii U console. This includes new hardware, accessories and technologies that compliment the console itself or any given video game. Given the Japanese company’s success, you can expect the “Nintendo Wii 2”, as some call it, to be a monumental hit.

Previews: Be the first to learn about upcoming games developed for the console. Whether a title is being exclusively released or merely ported, rest assured we will dissect every detail there is to know.

Reviews: Read and learn about the Wii U’s newest games, directly developed by Nintendo or through third-party corporations. We provide brutally honest opinions on all games and cover everything from family-oriented titles to mature offerings. All in all, keep yourself up-to-date with the latest games available so you can make an informed purchase decision.

Videos: Watch amazing videos providing video game tips and ground-breaking news. These may include game walkthroughs or announcements directly from the developers. Never miss out on the latest events and tricks to finish any game with efficiency.

Much more: We do not simply offer news, reviews and previews about the Nintendo Wii 2. We are committed to offering occasional contests and surprise announcements throughout the year. We could be giving away new controllers, new Wii U games and much more.

The Wii U, also known as Wii HD, promises many exciting video games that promise to once again shape up and revolutionize the gaming industry. Expect next generation titles such as Assassin’s Creed 3, Smash Bros, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Pikmin 3 and many more. This is only the tip of the iceberg. And with the new Wii U controller, you can now play every game without the need for a TV screen. This effectively enables your family to watch television while you still get to enjoy the games you know and love.

Wii u

This is a very exciting opportunity for us, as we can effectively deliver everything Nintendo fans could ask for directly from Wiiu.blogspot.com. Stay tuned as more development news surfaces about the new Wii HD console by Nintendo. In the meantime, come visit us and feel free to provide your feedback. We are always glad to hear from our audience.

Wii u


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